Saturday, August 16, 2008

How the bidding works!

Thank you for supporting Autism Speaks in this Autism quilt website auction! We hope to be able to raise money for this amazing non-profit organization. Please visit their website to find out more information about them! of us participated in the inaugural Walk Now for Autism at Cottonwood High School on May 3rd 2008. We are very excited about the awareness it has brought as well as the funds we were able to raise to help combat Autism! In addition to this effort, these beautiful quilts be auctioned off. All of the proceeds from the auction will go directly to Autism Speaks! Hopefully this can be a successful means of raising money for the walk!

How this works:

- Take a look at the 4 different quilts. If you are interested in making a donation bid, go to the comments section and place a bid.

- In order to bid on an item, please first email me your name, address and phone number as well as a screen name (if you would like to remain anonymous) to (That way, your information will be kept confidential). If I don't receive this information, your bid will be deleted because we don't know how to contact you.

- Once the bidding is over, you will be notified if you have the winning bid on an item. From there, you will have the option of making an online donation on the walk website with a credit card, or sending us a check in the mail (made out directly to Autism Speaks). Once payment is received, you can either pick up the quilt or it can be shipped to you (at an additional cost).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We want to thank all the generous people who were willing to donate their time and efforts into making these quilts as well as each of you for your generous donations. We couldn't do this without you!Thank you again for your continued support!


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Shanda said...

Yeah I am so happy you are putting these on I have added you to my blog also and as soon as I get the pictures from my brother I will send them to you.